MVLA Coach - New Stanford Women's Assistant Coach

MVLA Lightning Blue and Lightning White U12G's Coach Margueritte Aozasa was recently recruited by Stanford to join their soccer coaching staff.

We asked Margueritte about this exciting news.

"It has always been a dream of mine to try coaching at the collegiate level while still being able to coach youth soccer, so I'm really excited to get started at Stanford. More than anything, I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches in the nation, both in soccer and other sports. There is a culture of excellence at Stanford that I know I can draw from. More importantly, I want to thank everyone that has been involved in my experiences here at MVLA, both as a player and as a coach. So much of who I am today and what I have to offer comes from these experiences, and I know that without them, I certainly wouldn't be where I am today!"

Margueritte is a MVLA alumna, who played for the original Mercury team where Albertin Montoya was the head coach. While at MVLA she played for various youth regional and national teams. After high school, she went on to play for Santa Clara University before returning to MVLA to coach the MVLA Lightning teams. Margueritte starts at Stanford this coming Monday. Congratulations Margueritte!  We're so proud of you and wish you continued success in your coaching career!