May Madness for MVLA Vipers Blue

The Vipers Blue team has been busy during the month of May finishing up with the Norcal State Cup preliminary games, qualifying for the Norcal Premier level final and winning 2nd place after a hard match against Monarcas Academy.  The team battled in regulation time ending in a tie and then in the last minute of overtime, Monarcas was able to complete a cross with a quick shot in goal to end the game 0-1.

The MVLA Vipers Blue again battled in May with SF Evolution tournament.  The team secured a first place trophy after three long days with five games and only 13 players the entire weekend.  The semifinal game ended in a tie and PKs were in line.  The boys persevered and after 8 shooters, MVLA vipers Blue advanced to the final defeating SF Dutch 2-1.

Congratulations Vipers Blue for a strong finish this season!